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Wondery | Everyday Pants

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The Everyday Pants are exactly that - comfortable, well tailored, stretchy, and perfect for everything from the office to the mountains! The goal was to authentically show how the pants can be styled and worn across varying contexts and wanted to highlight a couple local women who are active at work and outdoors. Alexis is a regional manager at an LA coffee chain - always moving from one place to another. Alexis is often out running, hiking, backpacking, and climbing , and constantly inspiring, inviting, and teaching new friends along the way. Rae is the creator and designer of Crag to Crux and co-founder of Bolt and Revolt - both are passion projects created to make climbing more welcoming and inclusive for women, queer, and non-binary folks. Both are avid weekend warriors, climbers, and adventures!

We opted for a documentary style shoot to capture Alexis and Rae in their workplaces, then transitioning to an outdoor hike and scramble at Vazquez Rocks - a very accessible outdoor area and a famous backdrop featured in a plethora of Hollywood movies.

By centering real women getting outdoors, we are creating space for the wide variety of people who enjoy outdoor spaces. Especially in LA, in a city of almost 4 million people, it's often overlooked that great outdoor spaces exist within 30 minutes of the city, and there is more to the area than just the beach. This campaign is a reminder that people from all walks of life can and should be welcomed outdoors to explore.


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